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The Big Shave : looks like a lot of fun

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hot damn, happy friday the 13th

today I watched Black Christmas and Zombi
both fun rides
damn, i wish i could be over there my friend.

I dont have movie friends over here.

well I may get out there at some point, possibly taking a road trip to L.A this winter break.

So here are some fun halloween season films i've watched thus far.

The Vanishing(1988)On Criterion,Good mystery/thriller with a neat plot structure and a classic finale, although it does have a terrible soundtrack.

The Fog (1980) A fun 80's horror film, not the strongest story but has some of the best scares i've seen.

Sisters(1973) Another Criterion, De-Palma has some great camera work and very Hitchcock style scenes.

Zombi 2(1979) If Leone made a B-Movie zombie film this is probably what it'd look like. Although it has bad acting and a silly plot this film has some great zombie attack scenes in all there Italian Horror splendor.

That'll do for now, hope you're enjoying your Halloween season.

tar tar,
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es una fiesta~~~~
hahahaha, i love it!
I wonder what they everyone thought of it back in '67. Looks pretty grisly/hilarious even today