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"...Well I'll be Damned.....oh, sorry I mean Darned.."

-Make Friends with what you eat.
Eat your friends, except for one Central
American named Pablo Del"sword".
Chew him up as if he were tobacco. After
wards you can spit him out.

-Listen to Bossa Nova in the morning. Early
in the Morning, this will sharpen you up
for the busy day ahead.

-Cook everything you make with fine olive oil

-Watch Barry Lyndon

Better everytime I see it.
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lyndon ages in your mind like a fine wine.

The duel at the end is just SHOCKING!
im gunna turn you into a spitewn (sp?)
you chook
you're speaking in another language amigo,
don't understand your statement.

So Fuck you
and the horse you rode on.

you junkie
i have that sergio mendes & brazil 66 album on vinyl.

just my two cents.
i realize i spelled it wrong.
I have 3 copies of That Album on Vinyl.

people toss their albums away like crazy in California

Deleted comment